Background of The Blood of a Stranger

Sierra Leone is a very small country square miles situated in the west coast of it is bounded on west and south-west by the Atlantic ocean, on the north-west, north and north-east by the sister republic Guinea and on the east and south-east by the republic of Liberia. The country derive its name from the Freetown peninsula mountain as and described by a Portuguese sailor called Pedro da Cintra. The name meaning lion mountain came into existence in 1462. Sierra Lyoa radually changed to Sierra Leone due to British influence. In 1787
a British philanthropist founded the of Freedom which later became a British Crown Colony in 1808. The British colonial authorities later declared the hinterland (now known as in the provinces) a British protectorate in 1896.
there are about 17 ethnic communities and three language groupings in the country – the mande group, the mel group and others. In traditional rural settings throughout the country, the household
the social unit. It comprises of a man, his wife/wives, children and relatives. The eldest son under the charge of man. Headship Succession of household is passed from father to the eldest son.

After independence in Sierra Leone there was a growing concern on cultural revival because of the effects of on people’s culture. Studies were embarked upon on colonial influence on West African nations. The economic structure these nations were also given due attention and viewed against of the level of materialism displayed by public office holder. Eyebrows were raised exploitative tendencies and unbridled ambition of African leaders for splendours and opulence.


The Western influences on the culture of Sierra Leone were of particular
concern because of the regrettable legacy of colonialism which was demeaning rather than ennobling Sierra Leone From the sixties, African writers produced works to depict the qualities of traditional African society The purpose was to restore pride in the people’s heritage culturally emasculated by the colonialists They are of the opinion that the worth of African culture should not be taken for granted. It is against this broad background that the Sierra Leonean playwright Dele Charley wrote The Blood of a Stranger to contextualize the cultural and economic rape of his country by white men and the noble resistance of his people in the face of internal betrayals and external persistence to steal their diamonds and tribal homeland. The effort is to essentially destroy the myth of white superiority over black people In addition, Sierra Leone has a rich cultural heritage. Creative and performance art is growing among the people, especially the youths. The storytelling tradition here is very rich and lively. Famous storytellers travel the length of the country practising their trade. They attract huge audiences and earn a living from their trade. Attempts have been made to document Sierra Leonean traditional songs, riddles, proverbs and short stories The promotion of Sierra Leonean culture as demonstrated in traditional rural settings are now recorded in novels, drama, music and art. The writing of The Blood of a Stranger is a product of this general cultural and creative renaissance. Its success as a typical reflection of the history and character of Sierra Leone perhaps qualified it to be chosen as the country’s drama entry for FESTAC 77 in Nigeria, where it was adjudged the best drama entry (you are reading Background of The Blood of a Stranger )

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The Blood of a Stranger is about the fraudulent activities of a white colonialist exploiter who, showing tremendous disregard for the people’s customs and traditions, wishes to corrupt them with petty gifts, seduce their women, and steal their diamond wealth. It is a compelling spectacle on the stage and also an engaging drama to read. Apart from being a very gripping drama, the play vividly exhibits key aspects of Sierra Leonean history and culture.

Background of The Blood of a Stranger

Background of The Blood of a Stranger

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